Clarisall's paternal sister (Clarimo-Casall Ask) sold for 1.8 million euro!     Our horse was rated better by the heirs of Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!     400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed!     Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!     The Clarisall generation (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask)     Brother of our Clarisall was purchased for 170,000 Euros!     Michel Robert compete with our horse!     CHAMPIONS OF 2015     NEW CHAMPIONS ARE COMING     The generation of 2014     Tests 2013     Autumn auction of Zangersheide     Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success     TOP 1% in Germany     March brought us a lot of luck and new hopes     February brought us joy and sorrow.     ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses     Taloubet Z wins Rolex Top 10     Young stallion Valentino-Acorado has reached a price of 270 000 EURO!     The descendant of Valentino     Stage Three     New direction     Artificial insemination     Horse Training     Horses for rent     


Clarisall's paternal sister (Clarimo-Casall Ask) sold for 1.8 million euro!



Over the last ten years, we have repeatedly convinced ourselves that the Clarimo and Casall ASK genes carried by our stallion Clarisall (Clarimo - Casall ASK - Cassini II) are becoming more and more appreciated! At the end of November 2021 came another proof! Clarimo mare - MILLION DREAM, was sold at auction for 1.8 million euro!!! Her genes are very close to those of Clarisall because her mother's father Casquetto is the heir to Casall ASK.
Until recently, the best-selling 3-year-old foals in Holstein were the sons of Casall ASK - Cascadello I - 600 000 euro and Cascadello II - 450 000 euro, but after the sale of MILLION DREAM, Clarimo is ahead of Casall ASK in this direction!!!
In addition to holding record prices for Holsteiner horses, these genes are also produced by successful athletes!
The whole equestrian world is aware of the fact that Clarimo and Casall ASK climbed the world rankings under the saddle of Rolf-Göran Bengtsson at the end of 2016, and that Monaco, successor to the Cassini II won in 2021 almost 850 000 euros under the saddle of Harry Smolders!
The listed facts make us believe that the five mares we bred from Clarisall will be valuable both as mares and athletes and will also be highly appreciated by breeding specialists!
Enjoy the final moments of the sale of MILLION DREAM (Clarimo - Casquetto)

Our horse was rated better by the heirs of Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!

For all those who are curious to know the results of the auction at which our Favorit II (Figaro x Arka) - BWFA Auction 2020 was sold, we will note the fact that the price of 44,000 euros at which he knocked the hammer for his sale was fourth in the gradation:
Behind him are two heirs of Cornet Obolensky, three heirs of Casall Ask and four heirs of Chacco Blue, which has topped the WBFSH world rankings for five years! Among the others who were less appreciated by him are the heirs of stallions, which also dictate the world fashion in breeding, such as Emerald, Stakkato Gold, El Barone 111, Con Air, Aganix du Seigneur and even Eldorado van de Zeshoek:

400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed!

400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed! Further proof has come that the genes of Clarimo and Casall Ask continue to dictate the fashion of horse breeding in Holstein and be highly regarded! Most exciting to us is the fact that the parents of this magnificent stallion are descended from Clarimo and Casall Ask, whose genes flow into the veins of our Clarisall and those of his heirs!!!

Yesterday, the German website published an updated ranking for 2019 with estimates of the breeding value of the stallions that give the face to modern breeding.The parents of our Clarisall (Clarimo - Casall ASK) are almost at its peak! The club is growing 6 of his successors, and this year we expect 2 more foals. Their mothers are daughters of Balou du Rouet and Valentino, who also have a high breeding index and an extremely high rate of guaranteed inheritance - 99% and 97% !!!

Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!

Rodrigo Pessoa is one of the best riders on the planet! With his stallion Baloubet du Rouet - the grandfather of our newest mare Beremonie (BALOU DU ROUET - ZEUS), he won the World Cup final three times, and in 2004 he became an Olympic champion! Rodrigo Pessoa has a new horse in the stable – Calisko (Clarimo - Caretino), which is a brother by father's line of our stallion Clarisall (Clarimo - Casall ASK). With him, Rodrigo plans to attack the top of the world again! The genesis of the two stallions is very similar, because Clarisall's mother is from one of the most prominent sons of Caretino – Casall Ask, and her grandmother is also from Caretino!!! Rodrigo discovered the stallion last summer in southern Germany during races he jumped impressively! The information is from the official site of Holsteiner Verband. At this link you can enjoy the potential and rich mechanics of Calisko:

We happily publish a link from another article on the same site:

She gives another proof of the power of the genes flowing into the veins of Clarisall and his heirs. After 3 years ago they bought a 3-year-old stallion for dressage on auction Classic Motion (Clarimo -Casall Ask) for 170 000 Euro, and other brothers and peers have proven themselves as champions in all-round riding and jumping (for which we wrote in the „News” section), another genetic equivalent of Clarisall - Caracaz M (Clarimo -Casall Аsk) soon proved the power of this combination of genes winning ***** CSI W Leipzig! It seems that under the saddle of Michael Cristofoletti (ITA) Caracaz M will have a brilliant career, and we remain full of hopes for the Clarisall generation, of whom we expect 4 successors this year, because both Clarimo and Casall Ask do not stop climbing in the charts of WBFSH:

All information is from the official site of Holsteiner Verband.

The Clarisall generation (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask)

Silvena Sport

It is not very likely someone has imagined that in less than 10 years in a small club like ours, in Bulgaria, would be selected and born horses, which genetic roots are quite close to the leading stallions in the world! When the world found out that Cascadello I and Cascadello II were sold for EUR 600 000 and EUR 450 000, respectively, everyone knew that their genes’ mix of Casall and Clearway lines would provide a-five-star sport horses worldwide. And then was born our Clarisall, having mirror pedigree with Cascadello I and II, while his damsire is an offspring of stallion No 1 in the world CASALL!!! The most unique in this case was the fact that after Clarisall, his sire, Clarimo (Clearway) also entered the stables of the current world number one Rolf-Goran Bengtsson!!! He knew about the stallion, and several times within the last few years wished us good luck on our breeding activities! In 2015 autumn, when Mr Bengtsson had pursuing the world title, riding Clarimo and Casall in Doha, one of first Cascadello I - Charleston foal was sold for the amount of EUR 300 000, whose damsire belongs to Cantus line, and last year, at the same circumstances, at the autumn auction in Holstein was sold a complete equivalent of Clarisall - Classic Motion (Clarimo - Casall) for EUR 170 000! Such money would make an ordinary person feel dizzy … Anyway, it is not necessary to comment what Clarisall’s offsprings’ expectations would be, but we would highlight a few facts! His sire - Clarimo is Rolf-Goran Bengtsson’s major horse, while the younger one Crunch - Clarimo x Canturo (Cantus) is his son! This year in Germany’s championship for a-5 -year horses, Clarimo and Casall offsprings’ got highest rankings, and the eventing champion in Germany, again, is a Clarimo offspring!!! First Clarisall’s foal was damsired by Quidam's Girl, and she is the sister of one of Bertram Allen’s horses (Bertram Allen was world number six in 2016). So, that was our first step in horse breeding with Clarisall. When we were planning second Clarisall’s offspring, we kept the trend that damsire would be of Cantus’ line. Kaligrafia belongs to Calido I (Cantus) and Gigantik’s line – (Gigantik was a-five-time champion in Bulgaria class "Т"). Currently, our most talented stallion is Rubi - Quidam's Rubin Sohn. His damsire Venera Miloska is the third mare, bred by Clarisall, to give birth in 2018. She is a sister of VAN KILMOR (Valentino), the horse that entered the stables of Michel Robert two years ago, and the stallion Viscount (Valentino) was sold at Hannoverenerverband auction for the record amount of EUR 270 000! Hope we would be lucky enough to take a good care of those Clarisall’s offsprings and be proud of them for certain!!!

Silvena Sport


Silvena Sport

Brother of our Clarisall was purchased for 170,000 Euros!

While the whole world watched in Qatar last round of the competition for Global Chamopions Tour in Germany that ended at the autumn's auction in Holstein. On top of the world after the last round in Doha / Qatar stood Rolf Goran Bengtsson with his exceptional stallion CASALL Ask, a tip of sales in Holstein yearling stood by his two stallions - Classic Motion (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask):
The most interesting thing is that he was sold for dressage!!! Phenomenal mechanics Clarimo Ask combined with famed Casall Ask has given horse with astonishing plasticity and amplitude of movements! The price paid for him exceeds almost double that paid for second in the ranking Cardozo (Caretino x Cassini) who was purchased for 90 000 Euro. All friends of the club will recall the words of Mr. Ratkov - a proven capacity of the Bulgarian horse breeding of the last century: "Horses with excellent mechanics are good for both and dressage and jumping, the mechanic is the basic of a good sport horse! We perfectly know that the profiles of these two stallions are "springbeton" as they say in Germany, but this is acknowledgment of his words! Now for all friends of the club will find that the Classic Motion not only is the brother of our Clarisall, but even looks like his clone ?! The pedigree of Classic Motion is CLARIMO Ask - CASALL Ask - CASSINI I - CAPRACHIO (son of CARETINO), and the pedigree of Clarisall is CLARIMO Ask - CASALL Ask - CASSINI II - CARETINO !!! We can hardly describe in words the fact that he exceeded all of our expectations to look into the future, but it is an undeniable fact that while Rolf Goran Bengtsson is in sport, this combination of genes of Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask will give highly respected and valued offspring and will be fashionable for years !!!

Michel Robert compete with our horse!

At the end of last year we learned that our first horse selected in the club VAL KILMER (VAN KILMOR) after a quick change of two owners has reached all the way to Germany and sought another owner Rosen Rajchev for impressions. He jumped not very technician, but clean and powerful, so we called "Shatarflay." It was indicative of our expectations, but exceeded them the facts. Mr. Rajchev assured us that VAL KILMER (VAN KILMOR) is an excellent jumper and a horse with great potential, then send us over the moon with the news that he has already sold one of the most respected riders in the world - Michel Robert! The same manages France's own Academy of riding - Horse Academy by Michel Robert and taught the intricacies of riding students from around the world. The site of FEI seen that under the saddle of Michel Robert in nine starts he has 7 clean round and now jumps to 140 cm. All this is a unique opportunity for the world to turn heads at us and find East Bulgarian and the future success of this duo be a springboard for our other horses to the world! This is the most incredible selection of advertising our business! We have selected for mothers mares four sisters VAL KILMER. One ACODETTA (Eastbul) for two consecutive years have the highest marks for exterior in the country, and body dimensions were unanimously appreciated by 6 ratings 10 !!! His other three sisters ARKA, VENERA MILOSKA and VALENTINA QUEEN have even better jump skills of it! Both maternal and the other two are paternal. The foundation of horse breeding are mothers! In the club grow mares descendants of the great stallions and believe that VAL KILMER (VAN KILMOR) is only the first step towards world sport. We believe that in the very near future about our horses will speak with respect riders and owners from around the world! In the future he will race under the name VAN KILMOR if looking for his videos spell it right! Enjoy the first video we found:



At the end of each year comes the time for analysis and plans. It become a tradition without expecting great results to achieve them, because they are a consequence of their right feet and the huge amount of work we put in our horse breeding club! So and this year came at Eastbulgarian Horse Association tests and again we left with their heads held proudly! Last year's champion ACODETTA again delight us with a championship, this time with a three year! Our expectations for the heirs of AKHAN Z, AGENTURA and ADRENALIN II were larger, but this year we could not cover the criteria set for bodily dimensions. Peak performance was our CONTEFINO GRANDE, who showed emphatically what we strive for. He made the audience gasp demonstrating flexibility, mechanics, poise and power surge, which other horses did not showed... Next year in testing at Eastbulgarian Horse Association will present us VALENTINA QUEEN and QUIDAM'S RUBIN SOHN, and AGRIANA GOLD will compete in tests of BSH Association.



The long-awaited tests for riding in Shumen gathered the biggest enthusiasts of equestrian sport that has enjoyed a better selection and better offspring!
In East Bulgarian category we won the championship with ACODETTA, KALIGRAFIA became the fourth and stallion that is presented CLARISALL received a special award for the most harmonious stallion!!! Both our champions received six scores for physical dimensions and KALIGRAFIA received six nines. Details of CLARISALL in his profile and link which eloquently shows the mechanics and unlimited potential of his father: 
For the father of his mother Casall Ask we will say that now is one of the three most successful stallions in the world:
We could only dream of better! We plan next year to fertilize ACODETTA of CLARISALL and if we are lucky to get an even better their successor!!!


The generation of 2014

The generation of 2014 in the club's history with even greater hopes than any previous. It is the first that will get a chance to compete with the best students from Germany and Europe as get a unique chance to be entered in the stud book HANNOVERANERVERBAND! Such recognition for horses bred in the country have not received any! The first two foals VALENTINA QUEEN - VALENTINO X QUIDAM'S GIRL and QUIDAM'S RUBIN SOHN - QUIDAM'S RUBIN X VENERA MILOSKA grow strong and healthy life! Expected child of LORD ARGENTINUS will be born, because it turned out that our mare has dissolved GALERIA fertilized egg ... The last foal to be born in March of AYRIS also has a chance to be entered in the breed German Association of the Rhineland this!


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