Clarisall's paternal sister (Clarimo-Casall Ask) sold for 1.8 million euro!     Our horse was rated better by the heirs of Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!     400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed!     Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!     The Clarisall generation (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask)     Brother of our Clarisall was purchased for 170,000 Euros!     Michel Robert compete with our horse!     CHAMPIONS OF 2015     NEW CHAMPIONS ARE COMING     The generation of 2014     Tests 2013     Autumn auction of Zangersheide     Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success     TOP 1% in Germany     March brought us a lot of luck and new hopes     February brought us joy and sorrow.     ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses     Taloubet Z wins Rolex Top 10     Young stallion Valentino-Acorado has reached a price of 270 000 EURO!     The descendant of Valentino     Stage Three     New direction     Artificial insemination     Horse Training     Horses for rent     

Tests 2013

Great joy for us is the fact that the most impressive horses from Tests 2013 were from lines which is the mother of CLARISALL – CASALL и CASSINI II. Another reason for our joy was the presentation of the Admiral, who received six nines for exterior of jury!
First and second place winners of offspring CARRE son of CASSINI II and third breeding enabled CONNOR son of CASALL. The right way you're time will tell, but the combination of these two legends in horse breeding CAPITOL I and  CALETTO II  (son of COR DE LA BRYERE), gave one of the most proven show jumpers in the world – CASSINI I.  In the pedigree of our CLARISALL there are twice CAPITOL I and three CALETTO II.

Autumn auction of Zangersheide

Over the weekend of 20-22.09.2013 in Lanaken Belgium held long-awaited auction of Zangersheide. In the youngest future stars auction will remember the 10 horses that were sold at prices between 15 and 43000 Euro. The small CLARIMA only 6 months old was sold for 19000 Euro!!! This filly is almost 100% equivalent in our pedigree of CLARISALL! Here is brief information on their auction number, name, pedigree and prices.
42 CRYPTON Z hengst CUMANO x COROFINO € 43000
10 EM Carnute Z hengst GEMINI CL XX X Carnute € 23 000
38 NORTON Z hengst NUMERO UNO x DARCO € 20000
25 CLARIMA Z merrie CLARIMO x CARETINO € 19000
20 AUDI 2000 S hengst АРКО III х Cassini II € 16 000
26 Cavallo DE LA VIE Z hengst Cascavelle NT х Baldini II € 16 000

It is noteworthy that the quality continues to hold high prices and proven stallions dominate the pedigrees of the most expensive horses most likes many are descendants of CAPITOL, COR DE LA BRYERE, LANDGRAF and ALME Z!

Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success

Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success. Since first steps in horse breeding he excelled in many successful colts and fillies, most impressive of which were crossbred with Staccato. One such was his daughter sold to 2.5g for 100 000 Euro! Another of his sons Van Helsing also garnered thousands of fans with his flawless jumps and incredible elasticity: Reviews for Valentino's horses entered in the real sport. In this video you will see another proof that his offspring is versatile and equally suitable for the three classical disciplines: The video is from 2012. you see the championship in six annual Horses in 2013. This year we expect another foal from Valentino in our sport club. His mother will be Quidam's Girl, and our mare from Valentino - Venera Miloska, expect to give birth by Quidam's Rubin.

TOP 1% in Germany

At the beginning of each year, the site of the German Association for sports and horse be published TOP 1% of stallions used for breeding the previous year in two segments, dressage and show jumping. In the ranking of the best jumpers in 2012 uchavstvuvat 3243 stallion.

The Top 1% by entering stallions with breeding index above 154 points. It is noteworthy that despite the immense competition our favorite VALENTINO remains at best even more. He is the same LFS proven stallions as Contendro I, Holsteiner v. Contender ,Carthago, Holsteiner v. Capitol I  and Cardento, Holsteiner v. Capitol I,  and behind him are names like Chacco-Blue, Mecklenburger v. Chambertin  and  Catoki, Holsteiner v. Cambridge

Another interesting fact that shows this ranking is that the father of our imported stallion CLARISALL - Clarimo, Holsteiner v. Clearway is only 2 points behind VALENTINO, but both anticipate a higher breeding stallions as index Levisto, Chellano Z,Stalypso,Galoubet A and even as stallions as Cassini I...
Lowest risk given Stakkato,Cassini I and Contendro I - they sound transmission properties of the newborn is 98% and if you are not sure of the quality of the mares is good they have chosen ... In our case we have a lot of focused work in recent years and we believe in the quality of mares do not have to spend several thousand euros only for fertilization!

This is one reason Horsemen program again to include VALENTINO and perhaps the most talented mare mated her right on it! For complete information on the stallions of TOP1% visit:

So picture this year so far is as follows:


March brought us a lot of luck and new hopes

                  In early March, was born long-planned Contefino Grande, which look great netarpenie. In 2007 we bought semen from CALIDO and ACODETTO from Germany. All 8 attempts to have horses were left unsuccessful. Also shared with the fact the owner of the stables Mrs. Ulonska, good diplomacy and her understanding gave us the opportunity to get another opportunity to obtain free two sequins from CONTEFINO. In 2011 mated Galeria payetka first, but last year it miscarriage! Luck we came up with the last remaining payetka and thanks to the good skills of Mr. Kaschiev of Kabiuk mated Grenada imakar that gave birth after 14 hours died left us this amazing stallion! Was lucky that both our mothers and lovely Venera Miloska conceded newborn colt and while his foster mother deliver it sucked sometimes one sometimes the other. Luck was that his new mother took it!
After all this is the first born children of AKHAN Z in the club! So come on 03.05.2013 and on 20.03.2013 Agentura our birth chart Adrenalin II. It became clear to us that mating last year have exchanged somehow mares Venera and Diagrama and mate them back to our will. Thus, the expected offspring of Diagrama of Figaro was a horse AKHAN Z, and the fruit of the Venera Miloska was that of Figaro ...

February brought us joy and sorrow.

February brought us joy and sorrow. In the club was born FAVORITE, FRANCHESKA and CONTEFINO GRANDE! The bad news is that we broke one of the best mares in 2013 club. We plan his first year in the sport, but the worst happened ... After the birth of CONTEFINO GRANDE, Grenada has received major bleeding and the next day 14 hours after birth she left us ... There's no words to describe the enormous loss remains our only consolation we have children and CALIGRAFIA and CONTEFINO GRANDE. The foal had a unique chance and immediately was adopted by both lactating mares in the club before obtaining a new mom! So while arrange her arrival at the club he nursed alternately of miracles sometimes from VENERA MILOSKA. I hope the luck is with him in life and in sport!

ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses

ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses
Last Saturday exchanged under the ESI Auction in Klein Roscharden 38 foals and 20 riding horses their owners. 30,000 euros for the most expensive foal for 44,000 euros slammed the highest paid horse.
It was the catalog number 41, a Clarimo-Lasino-Alcatraz-son, for the Belgian customer has paid the highest price in the foal. Clarimo, the father of the little brown is under Janne-Friederike Meyer on the way in the international sport. And the grandmother of the foal is no stranger: She brought in connection with the stallion Lasino the international showjumping horse Lord Luis, who was successful with Lars Nieberg and Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst. The second most expensive foal was a Darco Cassini I Lansing son from Holstein lineage 18b1 (including the root of the approved stallions Quality, quantity and Rheinberg). Buyers from Germany paid € 22,500 to send stallion.

The most expensive horse was All In by Argentinus-Drosselklang II Sandro with 44,000 euros. In all, the future will eat his oats in the U.S., comes from a prominent family. The grandmother of the five-year-old Hanoverian stallion is a full sister of Markus Ehning Sandro Boy. The licensed and qualified for the National Championships 2012 Quality colt on top scored the second highest price. Customers from America paid for the quality graphite-son Dagobert 36,000 euros. The horses cost on average 24,100 euros, the foal Euro 7296.

The overall result of the auction can be found here.

Taloubet Z wins Rolex Top 10

The Rolex Top Ten Final, the top ten of the world, this year goes to Christian Ahlmann and Taloubet Z (Galoubet A). With three remained flawlessly over the two rounds. Taloubet Z was a fraction faster than Cevo Itot du Chateau of Edwina Alexander. Kevin Staut and Silvana are third on the podium. Friday was a great day for Christian Ahlmann, just before the Rolex Final Top 10 he was already second in the 1.50m class with Asca Z (Askari x Carthago Z).

Young stallion Valentino-Acorado has reached a price of 270 000 EURO!

Young stallion with his father and mother of Valentino Acorado won the price of 270 000 EURO in Celle state stud! Creator and exhibitor is from Rainer Schuster gr.Haga

Source: Hannoveraner Verband

The descendant of Valentino

The descendant of Valentino was sold at an auction following the licensing event in Spain. There has been much discussion why the son of Valentino is with the cultivated springing pedigree in the dressage squad. He is a versatile stallion gifted with absolutely exhilarating canter work, top step and relaxed, a powerful hindquarters supported trot work, which every dressage trainer appreciates. So it is natural to say thanks to the Hanoverian Association for this wise decision that highlights the double assessment.

Quote from Kreuther Hengsttage 2009 (28.11. - 29.11.2009)

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