Clarisall's paternal sister (Clarimo-Casall Ask) sold for 1.8 million euro!     Our horse was rated better by the heirs of Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!     400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed!     Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!     The Clarisall generation (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask)     Brother of our Clarisall was purchased for 170,000 Euros!     Michel Robert compete with our horse!     CHAMPIONS OF 2015     NEW CHAMPIONS ARE COMING     The generation of 2014     Tests 2013     Autumn auction of Zangersheide     Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success     TOP 1% in Germany     March brought us a lot of luck and new hopes     February brought us joy and sorrow.     ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses     Taloubet Z wins Rolex Top 10     Young stallion Valentino-Acorado has reached a price of 270 000 EURO!     The descendant of Valentino     Stage Three     New direction     Artificial insemination     Horse Training     Horses for rent     

Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!

Rodrigo Pessoa is one of the best riders on the planet! With his stallion Baloubet du Rouet - the grandfather of our newest mare Beremonie (BALOU DU ROUET - ZEUS), he won the World Cup final three times, and in 2004 he became an Olympic champion! Rodrigo Pessoa has a new horse in the stable – Calisko (Clarimo - Caretino), which is a brother by father's line of our stallion Clarisall (Clarimo - Casall ASK). With him, Rodrigo plans to attack the top of the world again! The genesis of the two stallions is very similar, because Clarisall's mother is from one of the most prominent sons of Caretino – Casall Ask, and her grandmother is also from Caretino!!! Rodrigo discovered the stallion last summer in southern Germany during races he jumped impressively! The information is from the official site of Holsteiner Verband. At this link you can enjoy the potential and rich mechanics of Calisko:

We happily publish a link from another article on the same site:

She gives another proof of the power of the genes flowing into the veins of Clarisall and his heirs. After 3 years ago they bought a 3-year-old stallion for dressage on auction Classic Motion (Clarimo -Casall Ask) for 170 000 Euro, and other brothers and peers have proven themselves as champions in all-round riding and jumping (for which we wrote in the „News” section), another genetic equivalent of Clarisall - Caracaz M (Clarimo -Casall Аsk) soon proved the power of this combination of genes winning ***** CSI W Leipzig! It seems that under the saddle of Michael Cristofoletti (ITA) Caracaz M will have a brilliant career, and we remain full of hopes for the Clarisall generation, of whom we expect 4 successors this year, because both Clarimo and Casall Ask do not stop climbing in the charts of WBFSH:

All information is from the official site of Holsteiner Verband.