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Contefino Grande
100 004 000032045
Transponder #
100 0000 0008 9833
Color: Bay
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Named after the famed father CONTEFINO ( Conti left without a mother the next day after birth. His mother, Grenada will forever remain in our hearts as an example of devoted mother and an unfulfilled dream. His unique chance help us to find a new mom just for a day! We strongly believe that CONTEFINO GRANDE will be a better player than our beloved Grenada! After the first two months of birth CONTI grew up and now it appears that grow tallish. Of all foals born in 2013 he was the fastest reflexes. Often shoots like lightning and it seems that gather speed from 0 to 100km/h for 3-4 seconds!
 So after much anticipation we saw with what ease ''Conti'' deal with his first hurdle in life. At the conducted Tests 2015 for '' East Bulgarian '' breed he does not meet the requirements for physical dimensions set for the breed, but grabbed the biggest moral reward for the free jump, bringing the crowd to its feet and earned his ecstasies with incredible ease of leap! He brought us the award '' Champion of the audience '' indicating all efforts for his cultivation worth it!